The Haunted Mansion in Carcassonne

The Haunted Mansion is a big house of 400 sq. m with about fifteen rooms furnished like in an old mansion in which strange phenomena will occur.

The visit is neither violent nor sanguinary but is meant to surprise and startle you.

It is a 20-minute walking tour in small groups of maximum 10 persons each, departing every 7 minutes.

The doors open and close all by themselves as you advance through the Mansion.

We offer you one program for adults and one - for children.

Given that it is impossible to surprise an adult as one can surprise a child, the ghosts are much kinder to the kids!!!!!


Photo Gallery of the Haunted House in Carcassonne

A selection from several rooms of the Haunted House in Carcassonne.

The Haunted House in the City of Carcassonne

La Cité 9 place du Grand Puit 11000 CARCASSONNE
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